How can I tell if a window is energy efficient?2016-01-30T16:59:50+00:00

Check the window’s NFRC rating label. The NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) is an independent testing organization that rates the “U-Factor” for replacement windows. This is a measurement of the window’s ability to resist the transfer of heat and cold. U-Factor is the amount of heat transferred through a material. The lower the U-Factor, the slower the rate of heat flow and the better the insulating quality

Can I just replace 2 or 3 windows at a time?2016-01-30T16:59:05+00:00

Absolutely. Some customers, who are not ready to go ahead with replacing their whole house, will break their project down to 2 or 3 windows at a time.

Does a customer work directly with the foremen or sales people are involved in the process?2016-01-30T16:58:24+00:00

We are proud to say that your home improvement savings start on the day of your free estimate. We do not have a sales staff, which already saves you 30%-40% of the cost. Working directly with the foreman guarantees you the fastest solutions, answers and savings on your home improvement.

Does WSR Construction, Inc offer references?2016-01-30T16:57:51+00:00

Yes! Most of our business comes from customer referrals, which guarantees you highest quality service, completed in a timely manner at the most affordable rate.

How can I tell if I need new windows?2016-01-30T16:57:28+00:00
  • Difficult to open or close
  • Drafty, with air leaking through or around window
  • Excessive condensation or icing on the inside of the window panes
  • Windows rattle in the wind
  • Paint chipping or peeling
  • House is always to cold in winter- too hot in summer
What is the best time of year to do my home improvement project?2016-01-30T16:55:23+00:00

We work all year round, so your most convenient time works for us. It is never too late or too early to make your home improvements.

Do you charge for your estimates?2016-01-30T16:55:05+00:00

No. In fact, we offer you more than just an estimate; we offer you a consultation. You’ll learn how to make the improvement needed for your home in the most efficient and affordable way. Our goal is to give you all the information you need to make the best decision for improving your home.