We are proud to say that not like the most roofing companies, we do not advertise one brand, one logo, one feature. We work with all of the roofing brands to fit the customer’s need the best. Over the years of experience, we have noticed and identified a number of features for each type or brand and today we can proudly give you the best opinion being independent from any manufacturer.

asphalt shingles

Composition (Asphalt Shingles)

  • inexpensive
  • ranges from low-cost 3-tab shingle to architectural shingles with extra durability and style
  • many colors, types, and manufacturers
  • suitable for most residential applications
  • easy to repair
  • fire resistant

Wood Shingles or Shakes

  • natural look weathering to a soft grey
  • offers some insulation value
  • blends in with the environment
  • easy to repair or replace
  • long lasting if maintained (30–50 years)

Metal (Steel, Aluminum, Tin, Copper)

  • available in different looks including cedar shingles, slate or standing seam
  • many colors
  • light weight and durable
  • long life span (at least 50 years)
  • low maintenance
  • can be installed over existing roofs
  • excellent performance in high wind, hail and rain
  • environmentally friendly

Title (Concrete, Clay)

  • non-combustible
  • many colors and styles
  • attractive
  • fireproof
  • easy to maintain
  • extremely durable when maintained
Very happy with my new roof. The company guys were very friendly and made great job. Did I mention — they changed roof very fast.
Jane K., Aurora, IL

There are some of the manufactures, which products we install, but we do not limit ourselves to anyone, even if you already have your own materials, please call us to help you with roof replacement or installation.

Roofing Brands